2018: pretty deec.

It’s been a year.

Between changes to organised play, various other Magic-related dramas and a whole lot of anxiety, 2018 has been an interesting one.

Here are my personal highlights from this year. Entirely MtG related, because we’re at the stage where my life revolves around cardboard.

Judging comp REL events

We had our inaugural Judge Nationals tournament in Stockport this summer. I volunteered to be scorekeeper. I ended up being a floor judge as well.

It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, but I loved it. I realised that I wasn’t as awful at rules knowledge and judging as I thought I was, and that there’s no shame in stepping back and saying “Let me check with the head judge”. I’ve thoroughly caught the bug.

me loving it

The first time I took the black.

The only downside was that the whole thing was so overwhelming I got back to the hotel and cried for twenty minutes solid.

PLAYING in comp REL events

As someone who usually suffers from crippling anxiety every time I play even slightly competitive Magic, playing at a PPTQ was a big deal for me. I borrowed Infect from the lovely Roisin and performed dreadfully (I think I won round all day) but I had fun, spoke to a lot of nice people, and watched Storm go off in probably the most boring game I’ve ever played. But I wasn’t stressed. I didn’t cry. Result!

I also played in a Win-A-Box, which was the first competitive event I’d played for about two years. I cried in that one.

Forth Magic

Forth Magic has been going for two years now, and it’s probably the thing I’m proudest off. We still get people coming along to a tiny cafe in Fife to play unsanctioned Magic in a variety of formats!

This year we came second in the Scottish Stores Championship, pipped to the post by the Scottish WMC team no less. Onwards and upwards next year folks!

forth magic

Chris desperately didn’t want to be in the photo, so a likeness was used.

The GPs

There were two that I went to this year. (I still haven’t managed to get to a GP outside of the UK!)

The highlight of them both – and in fact one of the hightlights of my entire MtG playing life so far – has to be Scottish MtG legend Gary Campbell winning the Legacy GP in Birmingham. From the moment we – and everyone else in the hall after all the yelling – heard he’d made top eight to the final, I don’t think we stopped yelling. The final still makes me choke up.

Video by Peter Deane

There was no Scottish winner at GP Liverpool, which automatically forces it into second place, but we still had a whale of a time. The #IllGoWithYou badges went down an absolute storm (I’ve written more about that here in my GP wrap up) and I got to spend a whole weekend playing commander and seeing my judge friends again and meeting some new and awesome people. MARVELLOUS.

This blog

I haven’t been quite as active on this blog as I’d hoped. It’ll be in my resolutions for next year. But, I wrote a post back in May about performance anxiety while I was judging and unbeknownst to me it was a bit of a hit, with multiple judges coming forward and sharing their experiences within the programme. As something that was only ever intended to be me throwing my brain thoughts into somewhere (and maybe giving people an insight into judging and Scottish Magic), to have affected and inspired so many people in the judge community was an unexpected bonus, and I’m glad so many people found it helpful.


I’ll be writing about what I want to achieve in the coming year, but in the meantime I hope everyone has a good New Year’s Eve/Day (or Hogmanay, if you’re from our neck of the woods) – and if 2018 hasn’t been your year for whatever reason, I hope 2019 is much better. ❤


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