Judge Nationals!

Fresh off the rails from my first competitive Magic event in a long time, this weekend I’m going to be doing something else terrifying: assuming the role of scorekeeper and floor judge for the inaugural UKISA JUDGE NATIONALS EVENT.


Judge Nats (or “GP Stockport” as we’ve coined it) is a community-organised competitive REL event. In places where there’s not a high judge-to-event ratio it can be difficult to find opportunities to play at competitive level. Except for GPs, but sometimes we like to judge those too.

Step up Judge Nats organisers, who’ve managed to arrange a party and a half. As well as a draft and modern Comp REL tournament with prizes, we’ve got:

  • Epic swag for competitors provided by event sponsors Ultimate Guard and Channel Fireball. We’re talking playmats for everyone, deck boxes, sleeves…
  • Pizza.
  • A custom top eight prize playmat.
  • Pizza.
  • A bar in the venue for an aperitif. New WPN rules ahoy!
  • Live streaming of Pro Tour 25
  • Pizza.
  • A variety of fun other games.
  • Pizza.

rhox oracle

I’m currently somewhere between desperately excited and horrendously anxious. I haven’t played in a competitive REL event for years, never mind judging one. I really enjoy scorekeeping though – I ran a PPTQ last year so I have some experience, but I’ve never run a multi-format event, and never one as big as this. Bit of a baptism by fire, but I’m looking forward to it.

Plus I get to spend the entire weekend hanging out with my UKISA family, drinking gin, playing games and generally getting up to the weirdest things. Axe throwing anyone…?

See you there famalam. Hold my hand if I look scared.

judgenats mat


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