Brawl for one and one for Brawl: Eight reasons 1v1 Brawl is my new favourite format.

I’m going to drop a top tip for you: if you’re sick of standard, try 1v1 Brawl.

Seriously. Do it at the kitchen table, do it at your LGS, do it between rounds at a GP. It’s FUN. Here’s eight simple rules reasons you should give it a bash.

  • You’ll never sit down and play the same round four times in a row. Getting tired of your opponents making it rain Chainwhirlers? Brawl.
  • The cards are all in Standard and they’re all singles, so you don’t have to fork out for four Karns or four Teferis to have a deck that won’t get crushed.
  • You can play dumb shit you love that isn’t Standard playable, like my boy Darigaaz.


  • Most of the Standard Constructed banlist doesn’t apply. Is Aetherworks Marvel your favourite card? Go nuts!
  • Crazy stuff happens. On Friday I played a Demonlord Belzenlok, ripped off three cards, including a Tendershoot Dryad and a Rhonas, played the Rhonas and killed my opponent’s Verdous Gearhulk, then started churning out saprolings for the win. You don’t get to do THAT in standard.
  • People keep coming up with new decks, so even on a month by month basis, as we run our events, you’re facing up against different stuff every time.
  • If you’re like me and you tend to not play a lot of Limited or MTGO, it’s actually really good for familiarising yourself with new cards.
  • It’s just fun. You can play basically whatever cards and style of deck you like, and it doesn’t matter.

I’d like to try the multiplayer variant at some point, although I’m generally less fond of multiplayer formats, but I’ve officially fallen in love with 1v1 Brawl. I’ll see you down the cafe when we’re running it. I’ll be the one throwing dragons around and hissing at Teferi.


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